Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my journal password - how do I recover it?
Unfortunately there is no way to recover your journal password - the app warns you about this when the password is set up.

In order to continue to enter journals, you may delete the app and re-install, but you'll lose your existing data. Sorry.

Why don't you allow us to specify which days the alarm will be active?
This is a common request. In order to support background operation, certain tradeoffs have to be made.

Other alarm clock apps that allow days to be specified, either must be in the foreground for the alarm to sound or else they use a local notification for the alarm.

Local notifications are very limited (30 seconds max) and cannot support the complex escalation patterns that Progressive Alarm Clock uses.

But the standard iPhone alarm clock app supports both background operation AND day of week specification!
Yes, but they use a private API that other developers are not allowed to use.

How do I minimize the battery consumption of the app?
The app actually uses slightly more battery when running in the background. So to minimize battery consumption, keep the app in the foreground and lock the screen by pressing the button at the top of the device.